Safe Seats render you impotent.

Gerrymandering started for us when Patrick Henry gerrymandered Virginia to try to keep James Madison out of congress. He failed, fortunately.

Since the 1780's it's gotten worse, much worse for voters. Politicians at every level have tried to create voter groups that will keep them in power, forever if possible. Today, we are faced with an election system that challenges even the most thoughtful voter to consider wringing their hands and staying home. We cannot permit that to continue.

There are many activities you can participate in that can eradicate this cancer on our republic. But you have to participate. Now. Fortunately some of the best legal and scientific minds in the nation are engaged in  epic court battles that can give us a legal remedy if anyone tries to screw you out of your vote mattering.

In our weekly podcast, Blindsided, we talk with many of these warriors along with voters, civil rights activists, politicians, and scientists. We dig into the challenges and details of three federal trials that are at the heart of making it illegal for politicians to pick their voters.

You can make a difference. You can eradicate entrenched special interests. Join us each week at Blindsided to find out how.

Next Steps...

The very first thing you can do now is call or write your board of elections and ask for, hell, demand a map of the voting districts, all the voting districts, congressional, state, county, and city.