But they took the money!

In tribute to Lissa Lucas of Cario, WV. Ms. Lucas is running for a seat in the West Virginia statehouse. She had the temerity to go to a hearing on oil/gas rights that was being held by the West Virginia Judiciary Committee, and, heaven help us, name names on who’s getting the money. Here’s a great report on what happened – http://wapo.st/2nZNLXh?tid=ss_mail&utm_term=.f0eac20bfbf4.

It’s about government giving away our rights and property to corporate interests that can then charge us for the use of that property, those rights. And, if we have the temerity to speak out, as is our right and obligation, the government shuts us up, by force, if necessary. Let’s discuss the giving away, for any price, our public rights and/or property.

As you may or may not know, tresident prump has pushed out a proposal to sell Reagan National Airport and Dulles International Airport to private industry. He also seems to be hot on the idea of selling off the international space station to be run as a commercial operation. Before you respond, well, maybe a corporation could run the airports better, consider this. Air traffic is a vital national interest that we depend on for a plethora of services. We also depend on our air traffic system to serve our interests first, the international interests second. This includes our security interests.

As you may know, multinational corporations buy and sell divisions (companies) almost daily. How much of GM is owned by European investors? Chinese? Brazilian? Saudi Arabian? Russian? Don’t know? Neither does prump, or almost anyone one else. I suspect you’ve heard about shell corporations, LLCs, where there is no way to know who actually owns or controls the LLC. These LLCs are buying real estate, businesses, etc by the bushel, daily. So the giant corporation prump sells Reagan National to ends up selling controlling interest to the Who The Fuck Are You LLC. Controlling interest in WTFAY LLC is owned by Putin’s twice removed cousin. What then?

Ah, you may say that couldn’t happen because regulators would prevent any foreign interests from acquiring shares of WTFAY LLC. Really? Read the article about Ms. Lucas. Hell, look at Devin Nunes. Can you look in the mirror and tell yourself he wouldn’t cover for prump, no matter what? And what about prump, could you look in that mirror and tell yourself that he wouldn’t sell anything he can get his hands on if it enriches him in any way? That includes making it look like the trillions of dollars of new debt he has created seem even a little less.

Selling off our national assets to private industry is a short cut to an oligarchy. Is this what will best serve the interests of the many rather than the few?

Let’s briefly examine the government shutting us up. One of the first blacks to be murdered by “the government” for his civil rights voice, his political voice, was Elbert Willams of Brownsville, TN. He and other members of the black community in Brownsville formed a NAACP chapter. He, and the others, were warned to shut up and shut it down by the local government/police. He, they, didn’t. Elbert was murdered by one of the police officers in 1940. No one has ever been indicted or tried even though the FBI and Thurgood Marshall got involved. That’s one way of shutting you up.

Let’s look at prump and Nunes on the Russia memo. Have you read the longer memo put out by the co-chair of the Nunes committee? No? Right. Prump won’t release it. Why? Maybe WTFAY LLC has sufficient financial interests in one of his many businesses that they can quietly let him know, they’d prefer that info never sees the light of day as it could weaken prump’s hand in enriching them. Or, maybe it’s just his fragile ego telling him, “My friend, let’s not let this sort of info out. It’ll make you look weak, ineffective, vindictive, childish …”

Perhaps you’re old enough to remember the lengths the federal government went to to prevent the Ellsberg papers, the Pentagon Papers, from being released. Maybe you recall what the federal government has done to silence people who were arrested and tortured after 911? Speaking up, speaking out, whether in praise of or the harshest criticism of, is our responsibility as well as our right as citizens. Whether it is a Daniel Ellsberg or Elbert Williams or Devin Nunes or Lissa Lucas, or you, if we permit “the government” to silence our voices, even the ones we can’t stand to hear, the oligarchs win, we lose. Of all our many voices, it is our political voice that is most sacred, and right now, most at risk.

“Above all, we want equal political rights, because without them our disabilities will be permanent.” Nelson Mandela (Rivonia Trial, 1964)


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