Making a Documentary

The Vote is the story of a republic at risk. At risk from voter apathy. At risk because politicians have gained the legal ability to pick who gets to vote for them rather than voters picking their politicians.

There are many aspects of the system we have fashioned for our political-economic lives today. Several, a bunch of those practices are the antithesis of a robust, participative democracy - dark, unregulated private money - limited public access to our elected representatives - legislators who pay attention only to those who fund their campaigns and investigative trips to Las Vegas and Tahiti. Many more to be sure.

The underpinning for today's reality is safe seat districts, especially where those safe seats are the result of politicians drawing district lines that protect their incumbency. Over the last 4 election cycles, Congress had an approval rating of 20%+/-. The reelection rate: 2010-85%, 2012-90%, 2014-95%, 2016-97%. What the hell is going on?

There are new legal challenges to this practice, trials going on right now, that will end up in the Supreme Court. While The Vote will tell the story of safe seats writ large, the story is built around these trials and the people who are battling it out in court and in communities throughout the U.S.

We are working with the three legal teams, the plaintiffs, and the organizations taking on this truly Herculean task. Visit with us weekly in our podcast, Blindsided, to stay informed and to learn about opportunities to participate, and how to win prizes cash prizes.

The daily grind

Perhaps the most demanding aspect of making a documentary is you can't tell the people talking what to say, when to say it, or what emotions to display.

Capturing the story is talking with a lot of people, many times, until you're certain you have all the critical ingredients for a powerful story in the can. "In the can" is an old film saying from the days of celluloid film that was exposed and in the can ready for the editor's scissors.

The Vote will be a 90-100 minute feature. We expect to shoot 100+/- hours of film before it's ready for the editor's scissors.

Wanna get involved…

If you'd like to get involved in our next shoot, click here for our schedule for the immediate future.

You can watch, maybe be interviewed, perhaps work with the crew.