Now I Understand. Who knew?

“Lockheed Martin teams up to build supersonic business jet”

Headline, Washington Post, 12/17/17 —

Lockheed Martin and friends are going to invest tens of, hundreds of millions of dollars to build a private jet that will carry 12 people. They believe that big business and the super wealthy will have more than enough discretionary income to have yet another private jet to get them across the Atlantic at Mach 1.4, since their puny Gulfstream  G-650ER will only do it at Mach .95. BTW, the Concorde hit Mach 2 and took 3.5 hours. But hey, every second counts when a high salaried executive is incommunicado on a plane, oops, wait a minute. The G-650ER has onboard every means of communication available as does their penthouse or executive suite at their HQ. It also has sleeping quarters should these overworked, underpaid folks need a nap.

And the super, super wealthy, for god’s sake, they should have to spend an extra 55 minutes in cramped seats on the virtual cattle car that is their G-650ER. Hey, these people need help, financial relief from the burdensome tax system that forces them to ride in those cattle cars of the sky.

If there were ever a single signal that big business and the ultra wealthy are being squeezed financially, this is it. In fact, I’ll bet if each one of you called your senator and representative Monday morning to let them know that now you understand the why of cutting the corporate tax rate, the special treatment of private jet transactions, and eliminating, or at the very least substantially reducing, the estate tax. So you now fully support those parts of their tax relief bill. I suspect they’d feel more free to screw you even harder.

Hey, let’s all chip in. Maybe they’ll be able to build it bigger and it can carry 14-15 of the downtrodden of our society. Plus, at just 12, I’m not sure it will be able to handle the entire tersident prump immediate family. And heaven knows, when they get out of jail, they’re going to need a vacation somewhere they’ll all be welcome. Perhaps maybe one of Putin’s dachas on the Black Sea around Rostov-on-Don (Ростов-на-Дону) will do. And they’ll definitely need to get there in a big hurry.

Learning not doing your job 

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