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Blindsided (Podcast)

Each week the Blindsided Podcast will go after the topics that can make us foam with rage. The issues that are at the basis of our aspirations to be a robust, participative democracy. And the people and institutions who work at undermining those aspirations.

We know that safe seats, gerrymandered districts, are one of, if not the most insidious of these issues on our plate today. In our film, The Vote, we'll dig into the trials that are headed for SCOTUS that offer us the first chance at a legal remedy in over three decades.

We'll also take on every other issue we can get our hands on that makes us distrust each other, our politicians, and our institutions. But no screaming, shouting epithets, no repeating claims that have no verifiable evidence to back them. No Pizzagate, no terror babies plots, no "The FBI is in turmoil, I know that, you know that, everybody knows that."

We will however pick apart such claims and have a look at who said them and why.

We hope you'll join us each week. We expect to launch Blindsided early September 2017.

Heads up; there's a drawing you can enter, for free, with first prize - $500 VISA gift card, second $300 gift card, third $200 gift card. This giveaway will be open to all. Registration will be open until November 19. The cards will be out in time for Thanksgiving.  Listen in and learn how to register. And good luck.


Each session we'll be talking with people from around the country and around the world. Civil rights leaders and icons, many of the best legal and scientific minds fighting voting-election law battles right now, and in the past, politicians of all stripes, judges, academic leaders, students and faculty. Literally to people who are today on the front lines working to build a robust, ennobling democracy that makes its largess available to all of its citizens.  Click here to join us.