JTFM Productions

Shades of America, a 60 Minutes style weekly news show is our primary 2018 project. The Vote, Minds that Matter, and Witches Shelter, this website, and our podcast, Blindsided, were our major projects for 2017.

Shades of America is under production as of February 2018. The first episode will air late March 2018. You can find out about that first episode and our filming schedule at ShadesofAmerica.net and our ShadesofAmerica Facebook page. The three are the films still under production. This website is tied to The Vote. Our podcast, BlindsidedPodcast, actually covers not just the films, but the hottest, touchiest, make your blood boil topics in our face each week. We hope you'll join us.

The principal collaborators:

Joe Lane

Barbara Lane (add brief bios and photos)

Alex Toro (add brief bios and photos)

Kwan Skinner Ph.D (add brief bios and photos)

Raghu Sunkara (add brief bios and photos)

Scott Brown (add brief bios and photos)

Kori Feener (add brief bios and photos)

Emmet Bondurant (add brief bios and photos)

Sara Henderson (add brief bios and photo)