Why Them?

About 200,000 Salvadorans originally came to the U.S. following several earthquakes that rocked El Salvador in January and February 2001. More came due to the extreme violence there. They were granted temporary status to live and work in the US. Recently, the stable genius in the White House decided, it would seem by himself, it was time to send them packing. Why?

Are they generally known for their criminal ways? Robbing and murdering at will, daily? Taking jobs from deserving white people? Bringing down their respective neighborhoods with filthy habits and trashy yards? Teaching their kids to beat up all the white people in their schools?

What about all those Haitians? For fuck’s sake, they must be forming an army of drug czar enforcers. Or perhaps they are all drug czars themselves. They gotta go too, according to the stable genius.

Or is the reason for driving them out simply that their skin tones are too dark for tresident prump? Or perhaps too dark for tresident prump’s loyal supporters? Didn’t the White House staff put out a statement that his labeling Haiti and all African countries shitholes will play well with that base?

Here’s a post from an article on the subject in the Washington Post:

nexttsar 7 hours ago

“Why is the U.S. somehow obligated to take in more non-whites all the time, but somehow taking in more whites is racist and what not? Many of the countries referred to are in fact dumps. Haiti has a great history and lovely people, but the country is a dump. Do we need to take all of them in? No. Why can’t we have more white immigrants? Does everything these days have to be about “brown people”?”

One response to nexttsar might be, there are very few developed countries that are predominately Caucasian where those people would want to come to the US to live. Most of the less developed ones, that are predominately Caucasian, will not permit their citizens to leave. Hell, we lived in China for almost ten years and most of the people we met who wanted to leave China wanted to go to Australia, not the US.

People from underdeveloped regions, regardless of their skin tone, want to move to a more developed area for a chance to improve their and their family’s lives. This has been a reality since our earliest ancestors began migrating out of the harsh, dangerous life on the African savannas.

I want to ask nexttsar what, exactly, he/she imagines more Caucasian immigrants will do that more non-Caucasian immigrants will not do? How will all these whites improve his/her life? What is it about skin tone that enables a person to do more or less, accomplish more or less, contribute to the community more or less? How exactly does skin pigmentation effect these capabilities?

One of the most capable, ethical, moral people to ever walk on our little planet had very dark skin –Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. Can you even imagine if President Mandela had immigrated to the US? Perhaps one of those darker skin people who immigrated here will become our President Mandela. Yes, I know only native-born American’s can become president.

However, as we are, to our extreme detriment, learning, winning the election for the office of president in no way means the winner is capable of, or even interested in providing the leadership and a moral compass necessary to guide us to a place of compassion and caring for all. Dr. King was never president. Neither was Rosa Parks or Anne Frank or Desmond Tutu or Jackie Robinson. But consider what you think when hearing their names.

Several people with a microphone have been suggesting we are moving ever more towards extreme tribalism. A place where what I want is the only thing that matters. Fuck the neighbors, in fact I want them to have less so I can have more. No! This is the mindset, rationale, way of living that the slave traders who lived above the holding chambers on Goree Island employed. No! If we are led in that direction, we will become the monsters we fear.

President Mandela said this at the end of the trial that put him in prison for 27 years. “During my life-time I have dedicated myself to this struggle of the African people. I have fought against white domination, and I have fought against black domination. I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons live together in harmony and with equal opportunities. It is an ideal which I hope to live for and to achieve. But, if needs be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die.”

Can we do less?

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